Meet The Creators...

My name is Jamie and this is my son Tai.

Thanks for visiting our website!

We created Look! Cam to solve a problem;

Every time i tried to take a photo of Tai, he would never look at the camera.

One rainy day, Tai was playing with his truck and I turned on the TV to reveal a cow dancing to hip hop. Tai dropped his toy truck, turned round and looked at the TV!

I realised sounds make children look! 

Look! Cam was born.

I've been in the mobile content and apps business for over 11 years. This app is the first one i've developed that uses technology to bring family, pets and friends closer together.

We are working on lots of really fun features and updates and will add new sounds each month to keep kids and pets suprised! Look! Cam also works on teenagers and adults!

iOS Look! Cam is currently awaiting review and we hope will be live in the next few weeks.

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